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Established 1998



Thai Hemp Noodles
Lentil Hemp Burgers
Quinoa, Hemp and Roasted Carrot Salad
Oatmeal Hemp Burgers
Root Vegetable Hemp Cakes
Avocado Salad with Hemp Balsamic Reduction
Vegan Hemp Pesto
Raw Hemp and Flax Crackers
Green Bean Salad with Hemp and Goat Cheese
Garlic Hempen Hummus
Hemp Pâté
Hulled Hemp Seed Vegetarian Inside-Out Roll
Seitan Hulled Hemp Seed Tamales
Watercress and Peashoot Blossom Salad with Pumpkin Oil and Hulled Hemp Seed Pesto
Sunshine Smoothie
Green Goodness Hemp Smoothie
Rich Banana Chocolate Hemp Smoothie
Tropical Hemp Smoothie
Ginger Carrot Hemp Smoothie
Fruit and Yogurt Parfait with Omega Rich Hemp Granola
Hulled Hemp Smoothie