Q:  How did CHII get involved in hemp food products?

The founder of CHII discovered hemp food when he was in search for a complete vegetarian protein that would compare with meat and eggs. Since dairy and soy products never agreed with his system, whey or soy protein were not an ideal source. Finally, after discovering hemp his miracle protein source was found. His passion for the product grew and in 1998 (the same year when industrial hemp seed was legalized to grow in Canada) CHII Naturally Pure Hemp was established! CHII was the very first online source for hemp food products in North America and one of the early purveyors in the growth and development of the hemp industry’s revival in Canada in the late 1990s.

Since 1998 we have offered almost all of the hemp food products you see today. Recently in 2014 CHII underwent a re-design to its main online shopping page as well as its affiliate information pages:,,,, &

 Q:  What is the environmental impact of growing and cultivating hemp?

Hemp is considered to be a very sustainable and environmentally friendly crop and has been grown for millennia in Asia and the Middle East for its fibre which was used primarily for paper/canvas, textiles, rope and construction materials. Commercial production of hemp in the West took off in the eighteenth century. High yield hemp crops require similar nutrient levels to that of high yield wheat crops. Hemp prefers semi-arid conditions and grows very quickly making it an ideal rotational crop as it also regenerates the nutrients in the soil for other crops to follow. In some US states in the mid 1800s it was even illegal to refuse to grow hemp as a rotational crop if you were a farmer – that’s how big the demand was.

 Q:  Besides Canada and the US, what other countries do you offer your hemp products to?  Is there high demand worldwide?

We currently primarily deal with North American customers only, however the hemp industry is growing and there is a high demand for hemp products worldwide. Other major hemp cultivating countries are China and the UK – however the strain of hemp seed that grows there is different as topography and climate varies. This is what makes Canadian grown hemp seed really stand out – although it is not as voluminous and large as seed from China can sometimes be, it is more importantly a very well nutritionally balance seed with a consistently high protein and fat content yield. In the future we certainly hope to get involved in international hemp industry to grow both our own business and the Canadian Hemp Industry. As members of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance we certainly pride ourself in doing whatever we can to educate and reach as many people as possible with hemp and its multifaceted benefits. Visit to find out more about how the CHTA members are globally promoting hemp products.

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