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For me, it was in 1990 that I realized that Hemp was the solution to many if not most of the issues in the world. I was training at the time to ride mountain bikes. My Grandparents, one on each side, were not well because of heart issues and I realize I was a prime candidate for the same kind of problems so I made the decision to stop eating meat and become Vegan. I felt great, I had never had more energy, I looked healthy, felt healthy and I was healthy. When I started training harder, I needed more protein. Milk and I have never gotten along so I needed to find the perfect vegetable protein source, this is when I found out about hemp seed for the first time. When I started to eat hemp seed, it made all the difference in my workout routines, letting me go longer, exercise harder and feel less tired after the long workouts. I had found my Miracle Food, and it is Hemp!

DID YOU KNOW - Hemp seed is the ideal vegetable source of protein? It contains everything you need for a perfect balance of Amino Acids. The Amino Acids make up the protein in hemp, which contains all the essential amino acids you need, is also made up of the most digestible form of protein called Edestin.

EFAs - Essential Fatty Acids are the building blocks of your immune system. They are called essential because they are not created by the body, you must have a source for them in your diet. As food produced for consumers has to be able to maintain freshness while it is distributed, modern grocery items must have between an 8 and 16 week shelf life. It takes that long for the supply chain to get those groceries to your table or cupboard. This extended travel and storage time from processing to store shelf means that foods must be "shelf stable". The process to make a food stable in this way is to kill off all the ingredients that might degrade over time. One of these ingredients are the Essential Fatty Acids, which are oils in the foods and go rancid without refrigeration or proper storage under oxygen-free and light-free conditions, which are not available in shelf stable foods.

DID YOU KNOW - Hemp seed also contains around 35% of it's weight in oils, of which 80% are the live giving Essential Fatty Acids, the building blocks of your immune system.

In order to get sufficient EFAs in your diet, you must source them out from natural, fresh sources like in fish oils or in fresh nut or seed oils. Most nuts or seeds contain EFAs, seeds like flax or pumpkin are good sources of EFAs with flax being widely promoted as a good source in order to balance out the lack of EFAs in our diet. The problem with flax seed is that while it is high in Omega 3 oils, it does not contain nearly enough Omega 6, which is needed for absorption. This lack is justified by considering we get a lot of Omega 6 oils from our normally fat and oil rich diet provided by sources such as corn oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil etc. so that supplementing the Omega 3 oils using flax means you might be getting the right amount. This just doesn't seem to be the case as you need a proper ratio for the body's chemical processes to work.

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